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"From the smallest garden to the multi–acre estate, it begins with the plan. From the placement of a birdbath to the siting of the house, it begins with the plan. From the initial design consultation to the planting of the last flower, it begins with…and ends with the plan."

As the above quote indicates we put a lot of importance on the landscape plan. After all, the plan is the synthesis of the clients' desires and our years of design/build experience into a design best suited to the property.

The plan begins during your first meeting with Strecker and Son, when we walk the site with you and put together a list of needs, wants and desires. We then start the 'on paper' design process. Through a series of conceptual designs, we arrive at the preliminary design. A design we feel is the best for your project. This plan, designed specifically for your property, is generally hard–lined and in color. This rendered plan allows you to more easily understand what we have designed. The preliminary plan is almost a work of art, but it is also a tool that is to be used and changed as needed in preparation for the next phase in the design process.

Your second meeting with Strecker and Son involves the review of the preliminary design. Several copies of the plan are provided to allow for comments on particular portions of the plan and for "sketching" proposed changes. Budget, and changes discussed and sketched at that meeting are incorporated into the revised plan. This plan will have plant material named and hardscape material indicated. A project estimate, along with logical phases (as per budget or need) will be prepared. Multiple copies of this 'final' plan and estimate will be provided at the next client meeting.

At the next meeting, the 'final' plan is reviewed; contracts, and deposit and payment schedules are discussed. After the contracts are signed, the project is scheduled. Plant material is selected, hardscape materials are located, all waiting for delivery to the site. Proper scheduling allows for a timely and orderly progression of the work.

Will any changes to the job occur? Absolutely. When Strecker and Son notices something that needs to be changed due to site conditions, we will let the client know. If the client has something they want to change, add or delete, they should let us know as soon as possible. Any changes at this point will be handled with a change order signed by both the client and Strecker and Son. We will work closely with a client to insure that they are satisfied with the complete landscape.

During the 1st year following the landscape installation, Strecker and Son will periodically stop by to check out the conditions of the plant material and the maintenance they are receiving. If something seems to be a problem we will let the client know…and propose a solution. We ask the client to contact us if they see anything that doesn't look right. After all, they see the landscape every day and will probably notice something before we do. We want our clients to be happy.

At Strecker and Son, Landscape and Design, our work speaks for itself and our clients speak for us. Nearly all our new clients come from referral. Some of our clients have used Strecker and Son on each of their properties, through a succession of moves or for second homes. Others have continued to hire us as they expand their gardens or change gardens through additions or renovations to their homes. Almost all of our clients have been more than satisfied and some have become good friends. At Strecker and Son, Landscape and Design we know we will count on you among the former, we hope to count on you among the latter.


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